10 minutes of Veronica Gray getting on your nerves

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10 minutes of Veronica Gray getting on your nerves

No, you read that right! Veronica Gray of Goodwood Chiropractic gave us a ten minute presentation on how her McTimony Chiropractic treatments help ease skeletal and muscular pressure on your nerves. The primary nerve bundles of the central nervous system (CNS) such as those within the spinal cord branch out into the peripheral nervous system (PNS) to innervate the body and its organs. Therefore, pressure on these connections can affect the healthy function of the body also your overall send of well-being.

Sometimes this pressure comes without any obvious pain, so it’s not just a matter of waiting until something hurts.

Veronica is a big advocate of proactive check-ups. She can assess where you may need treating and where you may show signs of muscular stress and poor alignment.

Although posture is part of it, Veronica also looks holistically at the body. For example, sometimes people feel discomfort in one part of the body because they’re unknowingly compensating for an issue elsewhere. The pain is caused by putting strain on the area but the root cause of that strain may be elsewhere.

So, it’s well worth going to visit Veronica and let her get on your nerves for a while…she’ll ensure they’re all working properly! 🙂