Apply To Join BNI

Camberley's NUMBER ONE business network

We are actively looking for good quality businesses in a wide variety of sectors to whom we can refer business. Why not browse through our member directory and if nobody represents your profession, then you have an opportunity to join us!

Business networking does take commitment. Our success depends on our members making a sincere effort to attend the meetings, support each other and refer business. The underling philosophy is Givers Gain – the concept mutual help. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Visit Us

The first step is to visit us. We hold a 6:45am breakfast meeting every Thursday at Camberley Heath Golf Club. The venue is easy to reach from anywhere in Camberley and the surrounding areas. There’s plenty of free parking on site.

There is no charge for the meeting itself, you only have to pay £15 for the breakfast. This includes a full English breakfast buffet and as much tea, coffee or juice as you can drink. There are also fruit, yoghurt and croissant options if you want a healthier option!

You will have the opportunity to hand out – and receive – business cards with other members, so make sure you have a good supply with you.

During the meeting, you will also be given the opportunity to stand up and make a sixty second introduction to your business, so it’s well worth giving some thought to the key messages you want to get across.

We have a number of members who act as visitor hosts. Their role is to welcome you and help you make introductions. Let us know you want to visit and we will ensure one of our hosts is ready to greet you.

Applying to Join

After the meeting, simply approach any of the leadership team to collect an application form. Your visitor host can help you.

Complete and return your application form. This will be reviewed by the membership committee, who will be in touch with you to confirm the status of your application.

Please note that you cannot apply without visiting us first. This is because we want to ensure that BNI will work for you.

Being a Member

Again, business networking takes commitment. You need to attend the meetings regularly and make a concerted effort to participate. This includes getting to know the other members at individual one-to-one sessions outside the breakfast meeting. These one-to-one sessions not only help build rapport and credibility, they also mean that you both learn more about each other’s business – leading to more and better quality referrals!

What makes a good referral

This is really important. A good referral is when you are connected with someone who has a genuine need for your product or service. This means that another member has recommended you, then arranged for you and the prospective customer to get in touch. In other words, it’s a warm lead.

The good news is that we have a smartphone app to make passing these sorts of referrals easier!

A referral is not simply passing a business card or an unsolicited telephone number. For example:

You tell a hotel manager that you know of a great florist (another member) who could really work wonders with the reception area. The hotelier expresses enthusiasm, so you tell him you’ll get the florist to pop in, or at least call.

That’s a good, warm referral.

However, giving the florist the hotel manager’s business card on the basis that “they might want some flowers” is a lousy referral. You’re really just asking the florist to make a cold call.

BNI is not about making cold calls.

So, if you want to connect your business into the referral ecosystem and you’re able to commit to participating, get in touch and arrange a visit.