Privacy Policy

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This notice informs you about how your personal data is used by BNI Camberley.

For Members

As a member of BNI, information about you and your business is gathered and may be used in various places such as member directories, web sites, relevant social media posts and so on.

This information is needed to support and facilitate your business networking within BNI.

BNI Global, LLC has its own privacy policy which includes the use of members’ personal data in BNI franchisees. However, for the purposes of clarity and in compliance with GDPR in the EU, the BNI Camberley chapter wishes to clearly explain how we retains and use personal data.

This includes:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your postal address
  • Your contact telephone numbers
  • Photographs in which you appear

How personal data may be used

This information is used on the BNI Camberley web site and social media accounts, e.g. Facebook and Twitter. This usage is limited to the legitimate interests of the Chapter, which are to both promote your business and BNI Camberley as a Chapter.

Copies of your personal data may be retained in the following locations:

  • On the web site server
  • On computer(s) used to author the web site and social media content
  • Within any back ups made of the above systems
  • On social media sites where BNI Camberley publishes posts featuring your business and/or your likeness in images

Your individual rights over personal data

You have certain rights over the use and retention of your personal data. If you wish to assert any of these rights, or if you have any queries about your personal data, please address these to the BNI Camberley leadership team.

You are entitled to a response to your personal data query or rights request within thirty days.

Personal data retention

Any personal data collected under this policy will be retained for the duration of your active membership at BNI Camberley.

If you terminate your BNI membership or move to another Chapter, your personal data may still feature within historic posts on the BNI Camberley web site or social media unless you assert your right to have that data erased.

For Visitors

No personal data is gathered from visitors to our web site. If you choose to submit an enquiry through our online contact form, then your name and email address will be passed with your message to BNI Camberley.

This information will only be used to respond and act upon your enquiry. It will not be passed to any third party without your explicit consent.

Website cookies

Visitors cannot login or add comments to articles on posts, nor do we use any third party tracking or traffic analysis software on our site. Therefore, no website cookies are used to track your activity on the site.